Find Your Model Number Location

Locating Your Appliance’s Model Number

When you need parts for your appliance, Ron’s Appliance Service orders directly from the manufacturer. All you need to do is let us know the model number of the appliance that requires the replacement parts, and we take care of the rest. Not sure where your appliance’s model number is located? Don’t worry. Ron’s Appliance Service can help you find your appliance’s model number location with the following diagrams and information.

Where to Find Your Model Number - Sample Model Number Tag

What are you looking for when we say model number? It’s a set of numbers or a combination of numbers and letters found on the model number tag. A model number tag is usually a paper sticker or metal plate on your appliance. Usually the model number is labelled “Model No.” Other numbers you may see on a model number tag include the series number, labelled “Series No,” and the serial number, labelled as “Serial No.”

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